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Thermal Quartz Banger

Thermal Quartz Banger

Thermal Quartz BangerThe banger is perfectly made ...


Product Detail

Thermal Quartz Banger

The banger is perfectly made and fits almost any dab rigs. A well-designed quartz banger will greatly enhance the flavor of a great dab without the risk of damaging your bongs by heat. The double walled interior guarantees that your substance will not contact with the directly heated surfcace and thus the possible harmful substances produced by heating your concentrates on the directly heated surface.


l  High Quality Quartz Nail

l Double walled interior

l Convection Combustion

l  Male &Female

l  45°& 90°angle

l  10mm 14mm 18mm joint size

Suggested Carb Caps

According to the features and pros of this quartz nail, we recommend that you pair it up with the bubble cap, airflow cap, insert cap, UFO cap etc.


Quartz-Bangers is a highly professional dab tools supplier and wholesaler. If you are looking for the high-end dab nails at the best price, look no further than the Quartz-Bangers, our products guarantees the greatest dabbing experience.



The front side the Thermal Quartz Banger

The front

The up side of the Thermal Quartz Banger

The top

The side view of the Thermal Quartz Banger

The front view

The mouth 

The airflow tube

The end of the air flow tube

The front view

The up side

The front view

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