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This page is for the 90 degree quartz banger.The 90 degree quartz banger is a commonly seen dab tools for the bongs and waterpipes. With the 90 degree banger, the potential damage and dirt to your dab rigs can also be avoided.

    90 Degree Quartz Banger

    Quartz banger is a kind of dabbing machine made of quartz which can be attached to your dab rig or bong so that you can torch them and dab your shatter or concentrate. The convenience and the pure flavor that the quarts banger offers make the quartz banger the first pick of customers. Quarts has definitely become most suitable material for dabbers especially for the low temp dabs with strong flavor. It is an excellent material for dabbing nails because it has a good performance of high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.

    It is never easy to find a fit dab banger for your bong. A quartz nail brings you the posibility of adding a dab bowl for bong and the risk of breakage from heat can be avoided. We feel proud to say that we provides a wide range of quality quartz bangers in sizes and styles to fit any dab rig. Whether you need a 45 degree banger or a thermal banger, we are your best choice.

    If you expect a quartz banger that is well made, symmetrical, perfectly balanced and flat, and have great airflow, Quartz-bangers.com is the right place to go. Each of our quartz bangers goes through a strict and thorough inspection before we deliver it to you. We check every banger closely and make sure that our products are of good quality and sit in the joint without leaking any air.

    Our quartz banger

         We have a wide styles of quartz banger,for each size,we have a lot of logos,it is printing by laser,so it isn’t easy to fall off.If you like which one logo,we can also personal customization.We are wholesales and offline business,so our price hasn’t increasing for commission,it is very cheap.If you are storekeeper,there is no better choice than ours.Quartz bangers are including 10mm male/female 45/90 degree,14mm male/female 45/90 degree,18mm male/female 45/90 degree.And we have some special designs for person different,for example,we have thermal color changing quartz banger,if you are green hand for bongs,and you don’t know what’s the best temperature for heating,you can used it,because when it reaches the optimum temperature, it will change color.So it is very easy to operate.If you are interested in special design,we have lots of shapes and type,there's always one for you.

    Our products are food/medical deree. They will never produce harmful gases when heated. Our customers’ health comes to the first priority.


    90 degree quartz banger is a important part of quartz banger,and is divided of 10mm male 90 degree quartz banger,10mm female 90 degree quartz banger,14mm male 90 degree quartz banger,14mm female 90 degree quartz banger,18mm male 90 degree quartz banger,18mm female 90 degree quartz banger.

    How to clean quartz banger?

    Some will ask about how to clean quartz banger, we recommend that you should always follow the three steps.

    1、 use a q-tip to clean the remains of the concentrates at the bottom of the quartz banger after use.

    2、soak it in water for a while

    3、rinse it with clean fresh water.


    If you have any questions on how to use quartz nails or which is the best quartz nail for you, please subscribe our YouTube channel unilandtubingcom and pose your questions on the comment. We will upload our bongs-using tuition to our Youtube channel and answer your questions. Our expert staff will give you the most valuable advice depending on the size of your rig and your dabbing preference.

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