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    What is a carb cap

    A carb cap is a fairly basic dabbing accessory that is basically an enjoyable, low-temp dab. There are many designs and styles of carb caps, but the principles and purpose are the same: they’re small dab tools that are usually made of glass, titanium, or another stable, heat-resistant material.

    Although it's not necessary for those who occasionally like dabbing, a carb cap will greatly enhance your dabbing experience.Simply put, it like a carburetor for your dab rig, controlling the air flow and allowing a more pleasant experience. A carb cap limit the amount of air that flows to your dab nail, which means that you can maximize the value of wax and enjoy a better taste.To use a carb cap, just put them on your nails after waxing. They help you improve the difficulty of DAB games by capturing and circulating hot air in buckets.


    Before anything else, it's important to get acquainted with the most commonly used materials utilized in every dabbing accessories or dab tool. Each material has its own unique strengths and weaknesses so it's vital to know what's what in order to discover the gear best suited for you.


    Glass has always been the go-to material for pretty much everything smoking related since time immemorial. It's easy to find/purchase, inexpensive and comes in a large variety of shapes, sizes and designs to tickle your fancy. Unfortunately, glass is one of the worst materials to use in any dabbing rig as it really doesn't have any benefits aside from its lower price point.

    It's most notable con is that glass breaks too easily from being heated up to high temperatures, something that's a no-no in dabbing where the nail has to be heated up to a point where it can vaporize your concentrate. For first-timers or beginners, you might be tempted to pick up the cheapest basic dabbing rig which will no doubt be made out of glass, just keep in mind that you'll be getting your money's worth out of that purchase especially when compared to performance and durability of the materials listed below.


    The most durable of them all, titanium can definitely take a beating even when exposed to high temperatures from your torch. Nails made out of titanium have a decent ramp-up time when heated, usually requiring only 15-30 seconds of heating up before its ready. Titanium nails are accessories that are practically impossible to break and can only be damaged when subjected to maximum abuse.

    Now, this might not come as a surprise but titanium is the most expensive out the three materials. It can merit a serious investment on your part. Titanium nails also need to be seasoned prior to use as heating it up without seasoning will have a strong tendency to affect the overall flavor of the dab for the worse.

    On the other hand, titanium nails have excellent heat retention properties, making it a lot easier for you to control the temperature of your dab.


    Considered to be a good median between glass and titanium price-wise, quartz nails heat up the fastest requiring only 5-15 seconds of torching before its ready to go. While not quite as durable as titanium, quartz has a strong upper hand when compared to the fragility of glass and as long as proper heat application is followed, you really won't have to worry about breaking a quartz banger when heating it up.

    Another great quality of quartz is its consistently viewed as the material which delivers the best flavor for dabbing, invariably making it the most popular option of all three. Unlike titanium nails, quartz bangers are ready for use straight after purchasing and don't require any seasoning at all.

    Our carb caps

    Our carb cap provides many designs and styles,including small animal shape, cartoon character shape, solid color with different shape, and limpid glass with different shape.For each type,we have different colors and different sizes,are mainly divided of 26mm and 34mm.You can always find the one that suits you.

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